In the third quarter, bet on stocks such as Tesla, Uber & Gilead

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We used the ranking service of TipRanks Analyst in order to identify the best analysts on Wall Street.

If the stock market looks particularly volatile, the stock choices of analysts with a proven track record of success could make sense. Firstly, in June, the US only added 4.8 million jobs in a surprisingly strong way. In the case of coronaviruses, on the other hand, a renewed increase left investors feeling hot. We have used TipRanks analyst forecasting to identify the most successful analysts of Wall Street. These are the most successful analysts, who measure average returns in one year, and which determine the number of ratings per analyst per analyst.

Gilead's shareholdings have so far increased 17% by an optimistic approach to coronavirus remedies in the company. But Abrahams thinks the company has far more to offer than rehabilitation. He underlies Gilead's Biktarvy, a complete HIV treatment scheme,'s undervalued potential.

"We believe that the robust launch of Biktarvy, together with the favorable dynamics of demographics and pricing, will support good sustainability in HIV franchisees through at least 2025," said the analyst on 2 July. With more competitive threats overblown in the near future, he expects this to continue as a strong basis for GILD 's assessment.

Walkley argues that Qualcomm is well positioned to benefit from the long-run 5 G investment cycle with smartphone volumes starting to recover and forecast to improve through the rest of the year. "With 5 G smartphone spring, Apple is reintroduced into the QCT shipping model and globally improved smartphone demand we expect revenue to recover in F2021," explained the analyst.

Walkley is indeed of the opinion that Qualcomm is a strong leader in 5 G, which should not only lead to significant gains for the leading producers of smartphones, but also provide up to 1.5x of the dollar content of a similar 4 G smartphone. The analyst said this is due to a combination of higher RF content and higher prices for 5 G basebands compared to premium-level 4 G solutions.

With an average return of 19.9 percent, Walkley has been ranked 62 of more than 6,700 analysts tracked by Tip Ranks. Qualcomm shares are 5 % higher than in the current year.

"There's a strong consensus among investors that Uber is facing very big TAMs, a leading competitive position, and an expert management team," wrote the analyst on 2 July. The controversy over Uber is about profit potential following almost any initial public bid (~$3B EBITDA loss in 2019) as the biggest loss profile.

In the last 3 years, however, Mahaney noted that each of the four lines of Uber's operating expenses decreased as a percentage of sales (from 99% in 2016 to 66% in 2018), and the drivers and rider subsidies also declined as a percentage of bookings (from 13% to 9% during the same term).

Colin Rusch of Oppenhenheimer, a five-star analyst, just reiterated his purchase rating for Tesla following the company' s stellar figures for the second quarter. Ahead of the FactSet consensus of 68.380, TSLA had announced a total 2Q delivered of 90,650. In total, 82,272 Models were produced in the meantime, including 6,326 ModelsS / X and 75,946 Models 3 / Y.

In order to determine Tesla's long-term cost structure, the analyst anticipated that investors will focus on grosse margin performance in the quarter, especially in China. While demand depth remains a question for bland investors, Rusch believes that TSLA will open up new customers and increase buyers' pools while continuously improving costs.