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In honor of George Floyd, A canadian pilot shapes the path as raised fist


On Thursday a Canadian pilot flew to show support for the movements of George Floyd and Black Lives.

A Canadian pilot went down to the skies for the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday and George Floyd, a Black man, who died after the knock on his neck for more than eight minutes following a white police officer.

On a flight road shaped like a raised, tight fist, Dimitri Neonakis designed and flew, symbol associated to the movement Black Lives Matter.

According to tracking data from FightAware, a data tracking company, the flight path that started and ended in Halifax, Canada took a total of two and twenty-five hours. Neonakis said it took him about four hours to draw the pattern on an app, Business Insider said.

Neonakis posted pictures of his flight paths on Facebook and wrote, "A moving symbol I respect and support," that he was flying over 330 nautical miles.

Viewers on the ground could not see the image of the fist and only by radar technology were distinguished.

Neonakis told Business Insider that his way to speak out against racism was this project. He added that in the past he had made many similar drawings of flight patterns.

"Many people went out on the streets to demonstrate, sustain them and demonstrate their support and all," he said, adding, "I have practically done the same, didn't I?

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