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How iPads have moved between consumer devices and productivity devices


The role of the iPad has changed dramatically over the years in the Apple product range. While Apple sold a unique iPad, it now sells a number of options tailored to different budgets and case uses. There are some important reasons why the iPad is not simply a consumer but rather a productivity device in my workflow.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple's iPad accessories are much stronger. Many have forgotten that Apple has sold the first-generation iPad keyboard dock but in some ways it was very restrictive: it was only portrait orientated, volumey, and only the 30-inch dock connector was attached to the iPad.

Apple took the next level of the iPad Pro Accessory lineup with the eventual introduction of the Smart Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard Folio. Although neither was the perfect way to work, they contributed to the eventual trackpad Magic Keyboard.

As I wrote last week, my mobile editing, writing, and even podcasting option for the iPad Pro is the Magic Keyboard. In all these fields, the magic keyboard improves my productivity and has become an integral part of my setup.

In addition to the lower-end iPad models, Apple has extended the accessory package of the iPad. That means that even the $329 iPad allows you to use things like the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

The iPad hardware itself is then there. The iPad lineup across the board is powerful and able to handle almost anything. An integral LTE support is one of the key features of the iPad for me. Apple has refused for some time to make a MacBook with mobile access, and I can fill the gap with the iPad Pro with LTE.

However, my iPad was more than just hardware responsible for the transition from consumption to productivity. Last year, the iPad was split off from iOS and iPadOS 13 was introduced to the public.

The introduction of a Safari desktop experiment was one of the biggest and most important changes in iPadOS 13 for my workflow. Websites have often been made available for the iPhone, and the iPad is now fetching websites and turning them into Mac-like ones. Automatic scaling of small text and buttons for touch input accessibility. With a Safaris desktop experience, the usability of the iPad, especially when coupled with the magical keyboard, was significantly improved.

The Files application is another key feature of iPadOS. You can either connect to a USB hard disk or memory stick directly onto the USB-C port of the 2018 iPad Pro or use an old models dongle and use the new application for the access to all files and folders.

These new features can also enhance the power of third-party applications. Ferrite Recording Studio is my example, and is a strong audio editor which takes advantage of the newest and best iPadOS features quickly.

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