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Hong Kong to relax certain constraints as new cases of coronavirus decline

Image:-Hong Kong

Hong Kong's government said it will loosen restrictions on public gatherings on Tuesday and allow gyms, cinemas and beauty parlours to reopen later this week as only a handful of new cases of coronavirus have been reported in recent weeks.

For more than two weeks, the Chinese-ruled city reported no local transmissions, and recorded zero cases for seven of the past 10 days. On Monday, one new imported case was discovered that took the total to 1,041 patients, four of whom died.

A ban was announced at the end of March on gatherings of more than four people, when there was a spike in cases as a result of people coming back from Europe, North America and the Middle East to escape outbreaks there. As of May 8, the government will allow eight gatherings.

That's also when game centers, gyms, cinemas and other fun and public entertainment venues, which have been closed for more than a month, are allowed to re-open.

At the end of the month some of the students will return to school.

Bath houses, karaoke bars and clubs remain closed.

Restaurants and bars should get some relief from the looser crowd restrictions. But restricting group meetings to eight effectively prevents a resumption of large-scale anti-government protests.

Due to fears of spreading infections, protests are expected to resume later this year if the coronavirus is kept under control, as anger with the government has not faded and hopes for greater democracy.