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Hamilton supports protesters who destroy the statue of the slave dealer


Lewis Hamilton, world champion six-times of Formula One, supported the protestors in the English port city of Broistol who toppled the statue of a slave trader of the 17th-century, calling on governments all over the world to do likewise.

Following George Floyd 's death in police custody in Minneapolis as a non-armed black person, anti-racist protesters in Bristol pulled down the Edward Colston statue on Sunday, and throw it into the harbour.

Hamilton wrote in his three posts on Instagram: "To make these changes and implement a peaceful removal of these racist symbols, I challenge worldwides the government officials.

"That statue of man should remain in the river as the 20,000 African souls who died and threw into the sea without a burial or a monument on the way. He robbed them from their families, from their countries. ”

Hamilton, of 35, actively backed the Black Lives Matter movement, calling for the initial silence of his own sport about Floyd, who died following a knock on his neck last month, as a white US police officer.

Ross Brawn, CEO of Formula One, supported Hamilton's racial injustice remarks and said that sport was working on improving diversity at all levels.

„ Brawn told Sky Sports' F1 Show "Lewis is a fine sport ambassador with very valid comments. "We 're fully supporting him."

The British Government was also strongly critical of Hamilton's handling of the crisis in COVID-19.

Britain, after the United States alone, has the second biggest death rate worldwide from the pandemic, reaching more than 40,500 on Sunday.

"Months ago you ought to have closed the borders. The way you can allow people to fly without being tested is disturbing, "said the driver from Mercedes. "Thousands of lives could have been saved. We need better leaders. We need better leaders.

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