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Greek workers defy the ban on Labor Day with plastic markers

Image:-Labor Day

Greek workers and students wearing masks and gloves rallied outside parliament to commemorate May Day, challenging a government ban on coronavirus-fighting movements.

Hundreds of protesters joined a rally organized by the Communist-affiliated group PAME, using colorful plastic markers placed on the ground to help them observe distance rules.

The protesters waved flags, sang slogans and held banners reading "No boss sacrifice."

Restrictions on movement, imposed as part of a nationwide lockdown in March, will be gradually eased in the coming months, beginning Monday. Some retail outlets, including hair salons and bookshops, will open Monday as well.

Most companies got hurt by the lockdown. The conservative government has promised to protect jobs in a country that has just emerged from a debt crisis that lasted ten years and wiped out a quarter of its economic output.

Greece hopes that a gradual upturn in economic activity will not trigger a new wave of infections. The country has recorded 2,591 cases and 140 fatalities so far.