Google's next Phone Pixel 5 design renders are leaked

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Image:-Pixel 5

Google has shifted focus to Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 G after the finalization of the Pixel 4a earlier this month, and now new leaks have been found to this latter. The new pictures show a few notable upgrades to Google's next mainstream device, but not a game change.

The latest information is shared in the form of high resolutions, shared with Pricebaba with the long leaker @OnLeaks and displays a phone with almost exactly the same design as Pixel 4a, with a couple of update items such as dual rear cameras and an attractive, sparkling finish.

Some might be slightly surprised by the Pixel 5 design. Looking back on the pixels 3 and 4, we see that typically Google has decided to go for its main pixel series with sophisticated constructions. The Pixel 4 has a fairly unique two-tone design and forgot the use of a standard fingerprint sensor for an imaginary 3D face recognition system.

The humblest design of the Pixel 5 begins to make more sense, however, considering its rumoured specs, which have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, and the several reports that it is meant to be more of a medium-size or "affordable" flagship instrument. It is rumoured that it has a price tag of about $700, rather than nearer to or above $1,000.

OnLeaks also claims in other cases, that the Pixel 5 will have a 5.7 to 5.8-inch OLED display. The phone will display a 90Hz display in other reports. Of course, Pixel 5 appears to come in only one size, so there may not be another large XL model like on previous Pixel phones. There are no Pixel 5 models.

According to Jon Prosser, 5 G support for the Pixel will be provided, and on September 30 it will be released along with at least one Pixel 4a 5 G version, with the Google's Oct. 8 ship date now deleted blog post from France. Prosser also says that Pixel 5 is available in both the above black and a new green colour, whereas the Pixel 4a 5 G in basic black and white is available.

Personally, while I'm rather disappointed that Google is playing it safely in terms of the Pixel 5 features and specs, it's hard to blame Google for wanting to make something easier and more affordability because of the recent success of Pixel 4a and decreasing high-end sales of $1,000 handsets.