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Google's Gmail app will be updated with video calling features

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Google has announced that it is rolling in its Gmail app on iOS and Android which includes video calling features like Google's Meet app. Google has previously made its Meet video chat platform freely available and integrated into its Gmail client for everyone last month. Virtual meeting of up to 100 people can be created at a time.

Although you can install Google Meet as a standalone application, the new update on Gmail app doesn't require you to install Meet app any longer.

To the bottom of the Gmail inbox will be added a new Google Meet tab that gives people fast access to the feature.

For anyone who doesn't want to meet at their email, you can deactivate it by taping your account and then uncheck the Meet box via the Settings menu in the top left corner of the box.

Google did not specify an exact date of launch, but says that "new update will be rolled out in next few weeks."

This move is certain to increase competition for other applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which have been criticised for their end-to - end encryption.

Mozilla and the Electronic Frontier Foundation recently asked Zoom to update its free users with end-to-end encryption,rather then only for premium paid users.

But neither Google Meet nor Microsoft Teams are end to end encrypted , so people looking for secure ways to call consider alternative applications such as WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

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