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Google works to broadcast 4K - HDR to Android TV for Stadia

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So what's next for Stadia after 4 K streaming rolling out on the web and 5.1 surround sound for players using a browser? Google is preparing to add the 4 K and HDR-quality streaming option to Android-powered TVs, as well as built-in messaging to rival other modern gaming services, according to code 9to5Google dug up in the app.

The ability to share captures as a link, or view achievement lists, also serves to match PSN and Xbox Live likes. There's no indication that these features are close enough to release that players will see them before deciding on a subscription when they try out their two free months, but we can hope.

4K Android TV, and more

Starting with an interesting note, the Google Stadia app has added several new sound toggles referring to 4 K, HDR and 5.1 surround sound. From the phrasing we believe these options have to do with adjusting the quality of the streaming on your Android device.

That said, given that there aren't many Android phones with a 4 K display, those settings are likely to be in preparation for the Android TV app from Stadia. This theory is backed up by strings that mention that on your "display" or "screen" HDR is not available, which would strongly suggest an external display.

As a reminder, strings typically come in pairs in the Stadia app - the text itself, and a descriptive guide to help translators get Stadia into other languages.

We also find a pair of strings that indicate that Google Stadia can create a separate toggle for 4 K streaming instead of being linked to your data usage settings.

Capture shared links

Just a few days ago, while playing on Android phones, Google allowed to use the capture button on the Stadia Controller. Currently, your Stadia screenshot and video captures can only be shared by downloading them and sharing the files to friends or social media. Apparently the next step for Stadia is to make captures, by adding a share button, into a more useful social feature.

Once a capture has been marked as shared, a new "Share Link" button will appear which will allow you to immediately copy or share the link to friends of your Stadia capture. Presumably all of this will work very similar to the options for sharing links with Google Photos.

Needless to say, this is much easier than downloading videos manually, and hoping that anyone who sends them will be able to play .webm files.

Text chat

Achievements list

Stadia store improvements

One minor complaint that has come up over the last few months is that Stadia Pro discounts are only shown to members of Stadia Pro. This is particularly upsetting, as the discounts offered sometimes exceed the cost of renewing Stadia Pro for a month. The Stadia Store will soon show non-Pro members the discounts offered with Pro in order to help players save some money and to further promote Stadia Pro.