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Google upgrades Android 11 beta v1.5 with some important bug fixes.


Android 11 was launched just some day ago and already we have an update named v1.5, google released this update to fix some prevalent bugs

Google launched the first Android 11 beta about a week ago. Today, however, Google has launched version 1.5 to fix some nasty bugs that have plaguing testers.

This is just a fast tweak for the first beta so people don't have to use a buggy OS until the second beta launches. we can expect second beta to launchn july 2020

In addition to bug fixes, 1.5 brings Google pay support. Google Pay Support is much necessary because of contactless payments and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The easiest way to get a new beta is to wait until you get it in system updates on your phone. you can also use Google web flashing tool which allows you to install the updates using an android image file .

Some of the bug fixes are listed below: 1. Weird reboots when navigating gestures 2. Google Pixel 3 and 3a eSIM failures 3. Strange reboots from landscape to portrait when moving apps 4. Bluetooth pairing failure

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