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Google testing a new feature that enables you to pay the bill by your own voice

Image:-Google confirms new voice-confirmation feature for purchases in Assistant

Google is constantly adding new features and features to its apps and services, but these features need to be tested by a large group of users before they roll out to the public on occasion. One such test is currently underway, first spotted by Android Police, giving Android users the option to confirm purchases they make on their devices with Voice Match. For those unaware, Voice Match allows users to recognize their voice by teaching Google Assistant.

Shortly after discovering the new feature, Android Police received confirmation from a Google official that the feature is being seeded as part of a pilot program for a limited number of users. Whether the feature will roll out widely isn't clear, but Google has started updating the documentation online to reflect its arrival.

Google's website support has been updated recently with a brand new page explaining how to activate "Confirm with Voice Match," which is the official name of the new feature. If you want to see if you were included in the pilot program or not, here's what you need to do to access the menu where you can enable the feature:

1. On your phone, say “Hey Google” or touch and hold the Home button.

2. At the bottom right, tap .

3. At the top right, tap your profile picture or initial  Settings.

4. Under “You,” tap Payments.

5. Turn on Verify it’s you before paying.

6. Turn on Confirm with Voice Match.

Once you have access to the feature, you can turn it on and off at will so feel free to experiment to see if you would actually use it to complete purchases with your voice or not. But even if you decide to activate a confirmation of Voice Match, Android Police says the pilot is for the time being limited to digital in-app purchases through Google Play and restaurant orders, so you might not get a lot of use out of it.

At this point, you may wonder why you would need a voice confirmation feature for mobile purchases, the plan is apparently to bring the feature over with Google Assistant to speakers and smart displays, giving users the ability to complete purchases seamlessly without having to type anything in. The feature will have restrictions, such as a transaction price limit and a limit on the number of purchases which can be made in one day. Google might have shown off this feature at Google I / O 2020 if it wasn't cancelled.

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