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Google Stadia can now be used on any modern android phones


The cloud gaming service Stadia by Google no longer requires the use of a specific Android phone. Every Android phone that is able to install the app - most Android 6.0 or later devices should be able to run it.

The Cloud Gaming Stadia service in Google is still full of limitations but may be just one of the biggest hurdles to adoption: you don't need a google pixel Android phone any more to try it out. Google experimentally opens support for any Android device that is able to install the Stadia app, meaning that most Android devices 6.0 or later will do. There is little reason to hesitate now that Stadia is free to try and work on virtually every Android phone.

To enable it, you can download and sign into the Stadia app, open settings, tape "Experiments" and then tap "Play on this device."

Only Google's pixel phones supported when Stadia launched last November, but it added Samsung, Asus and Razer on February 20. Most modern devices of OnePlus are now also supported. Although alone they don't guarantee a good experience: a quick, stable Internet connection with minimum friction on your home network is required in cloud gaming.

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