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Google releases Android 11 beta today, as launching was cancelled in protests


The latest Android mobile system release, previously set to take place at a virtual launch event, was introduced by Google on Wednesday. However, the search giant has stopped this event as people around the world are protesting against police brutality and systemic racism.

"Through the short-form Videos and Web Pages that you can take to your own pace when the time is right for you we release today the Android 11 Beta in a very different way. "We have canceled the virtual launch event in order to enable people to concentrate on important racial justice discussions in the US," Google said in a blog post.

Google said it would postpone the event late last month as unrest began to spread throughout American cities after Floyd 's death. After the police officer held him to the ground and pressed his knee into Floyd 's neck for closely 9 minutes, Floyd, a 46-year-old black man in Minneapolis died in police custody.

"We 're happy to tell you more about Android 11, but the time is not right," said Google in a tweet at the time. The company has since decided to totally cancel the event.

Two keynote addresses from Vice President of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke, and Product Management Senior Manager, Stephanie Cuthbertsom were scheduled for 3 June. Google is instead releasing on its YouTube page web pages and short videos of this new software.

A new feature allows apps to access the location, microphone and camera data once, rather than enabling developers to access information more extensively. The new option only provides data to app manufacturers until the user moves away. After that, developers are again required to request permission.

Another upgrade addresses mischievous robocalls. Call- screening apps can be done further by Android 11 to avoid spam calls. The software allows apps to check the "stir / shake" status of a call which provides spoofing protection. It also records why a call was dismissed. The app can see if a call has come from someone within your contacts or an outside number if a user grants permission.

It powers nearly nine out of every ten smartphones delivered globally, and is the world's leading mobile operating system. But with new Android versions, Google's biggest challenge is to get them on people's phones as wireless operators and phones can slow the process down.

The previous version of Google 's software, Android 10 did not publish user figures. But the most recent Google release update in May 2019 saw the installation of Android 9 on 10.4 percent. Before that, the three versions of Android 64.4 percent. In contrast, the latest iOS version of Apple's iPhones, iOS 13, is 77 percent.

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