Google is working on its new update on Gboard with hands free voice typing assistant

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Google made speech transcript last year on device and in real-time for Pixel devices. Free voice typing of the Gboard hands is at work.

We are able to see various lines of code for potential future features when we decompile those files (called APKs, for Android apps). Keep in mind that Google may ship these characteristics or may never, and it may be imperfect to interpret them.

However, we will try to let those nearer to finishing show you what they look like if they do ship. Look forward to that.

Gboards will call you "Tap the mic to chat hand-free," when it rolls out. It's still on the right hand side of a microphone icon, but it launches a new interface overlaying the keyboard.

"Speak for free hand typing now." Users are invited to "Speak now" by tap three buttons above - note quotes: Close, Remove or Send.

While you speak, at the bottom of the screen the Assistant light bar appears to mark the entry, whereas the graph above provides feedback such as "Continue to talk."

It's more than just word-to-text. Instead, the input method for whichever app you are in is completely "hands-free."

This is linked to the new Google Assistant behind the scenes. NGA must have access to free voice typing hands as best we can say. Indeed, at I / O 2019 Google demonstrated this underlying capability.

The new assistant in Gmail was used on stage. These included text input, the subject line (still in the email body) and the same commands as in Gboard above "send."

Google looks like it matured in the past year and has integrated this feature into the keyboard for more interface.

Free hand typing for Gboard hands has still to be launched while public testing hasn't been entered.