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Google is delaying the announcement of Android 11 Beta as US cities roar


Google was set to disclose the rest of Android's 11 features on June 3rd, but it decided to delay its disclosure. In a Friday night 's tweet, Android's developer account said: "We 're excited to tell you more about Android 11, but it is not time now.

Google planned to disclose new features in Android on 3 June, but decided to delay disclosure. In a Friday evening tweet, Android's account developer said that "We 're excited to tell you more about Android 11, yet now is not the time to celebrate." Google said it "will be back with more on Android 11 in the near future," but did not say if that could be.

Even if Google does not expressly explain why, the reason is clear. The message comes with protests, looting and fires filled with many US cities. George Floyd 's death in Minnesota has spread far beyond the Minneapolis conflict. Google and most of its staff have been based in the Bay area, where both San Jose and Oakland have experienced major conflicts the evening when Google called its event. Here in the Bay area, it's a brutal night.

The uprisings and the response of the government in recent days have become unbelievably serious. Not only have the feds flown the Predator Drone across Minneapolis with no weapons, but the President's looting tweet led Twitter to warn against "glorifying violence," launching a series of events ending in a managing order that would fundamentally change the nature of the whole internet if it had the chance to survive court challenges.

On a practical level, Google probably realized that few people would be mooded for new features on Android. At the human level, it was just right to delay the launch.

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