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Google introduces AI noice cancellation feature in Meet video calling


Originally announced in April, the feature is just beginning to roll out and could take another month for everyone to get involved. Serge Lachapelle, Product Management Manager of G Suite, told VentureBeat how the new feature works.

The video messaging space, where the coronavirus pandemic led to an explosion in the demand for videoconferencing, is frenetically attempting by Google. The latest feature of Meet is video conference noise cancelation, which can remove many of the annoying background noises you normally would find in video calling.

"This project should be on the shoulders of the giants," Lachapelle told VentureBeat. "This is a major part of Google's work in terms of speech recognition and enhancement, which was reused for many years now." Once you have an AI that can detect speaks, you can apparently use it to detect non-discussions and remove them.

"The slamming door works well," said Lachapelle. "Dogs barking works well; children fight, so. We first take a softer approach, or sometimes we won't cancel all because we don't want to go overboard and cancel things that shouldn't be cancelled. It's good to hear that I take a deep breath or that natural noises sometimes. This will therefore be a project that will go on for many years, as we settle it to improve and improve.

In the pandemic video conference wars, Zoom has so far been the main winner. At the beginning of the pandemic the company was prepared to take the leading VC product and between December 2019 and April 2020 the number of working daily users increased 20-fold. Zoom has a free tier for years , in addition to supporting much more participants than the competition, while last week Microsoft Teams only added free video conferencing, and Google Meet only opened up for non-G Suite users in April. Now both enterprises struggle to get to Zoom.

Google 's third now. Right now. By the end of April, the company said that Meet had 100 million "daily attendants," a metric that counts one participant multiple times for each meeting. A day before the meeting was free to all, Google released this metric, so they pay all users for the G Suite. The company announced in April that 300 million people had met at Zoom three times more, while Microsoft also beats Google after 200 millions of people met every day on Microsoft teams in the same month. Zoom has three times as much user.

Once your account is reached, the feature is set defaults, but in the settings you can disable it. At present, the feature is only available to Web users and sometime later is iOS and Android.

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