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Google called on the EU to use existing EU legislation in order to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.

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Google asked the EU instead of introducing new ones, that the EU 's current EU laws be used to regulate artificial intelligence and cautioned that all regulatory structures would fit in one dimension due to AI's diverse applications.

Comments from the U.S. on-line search engine on Thursday responded to a call for feedback from the Commission to its proposals to tackle AI concerns prior to deciding on the next step.

The EU Executive has proposed AI Regulations covering so-called high-risk areas such as healthcare, energy , transport and public sector parts.

“There are already many regulations and legal codes that are technology neutral in nature, and thus broad enough to apply to AI, but it is worth evaluating if there are gaps in the context of specific concrete problems,” said Google in a 45-page submission.

"To avoid overly complex or conflicting legal obligations, any identified gaps must be tackled through practical rules based on principles that build on current legislation."

With regard to AI applications liability, the Commission was urged to preserve the current framework and to watch for its expansion, thereby curbing innovation and hampering the European SMEs.

Instead of establishing obligatory training conditions such as data which clashes with the privacy and copyright laws, regulators should work closely with AI practitioners to prevent the quick , efficient use of the technology for crisis management, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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