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Gemini Company made cryptocurrency easier to buy via Samsung phones

Image:-Samsung Blockchain Wallet in the US and Canada!

On Thursday, the smartphone company announced its partnership with Gemini's cryptocurrencies exchange to facilitate the acquisition of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by Samsung phones for US and Canadian users.

This is done through Samsung's Blockchain Wallet, now integrated in the Gemini mobile application, which allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app, users will also be allowed to view their Gemini account balance as well as transfer their cryptography to Gemini's cold storage custody feature.

The galaxy store Samsung features both the wallet and the mobile Samsung Blockchain application. You can also find Gemini on the Google Play Store. However, only selected Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10 Series, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 series are available. Telephones bought via Verizon are excluded.

Samsung first launched the Galaxy S10 Blockchain Wallet that allows users to send, receive , store and decentralise cryptocurrencies and apps based on cryptocurrencies.

In Gemini, more than 20 secure cryptocurrencias, including Bitcoine, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Cash, can be purchased, sold, and stored by its users. It is the first cryptocurrency exchange of Samsung to its partner. "Crypto is not just a technology but also one movement," said GEMINI 's CEO Tyler Winklevoss. "We are proud of working with Samsung to make more people around the world commit to greater choosing, independence and cryptography.

Whilst Gemini users can obviously purchase, sell or trade crypto on Gemini itself, the app makes a little bit of a one-stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs in the Blockchain Wallet app.

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