Future about space and experiments on micro gravity

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VINVELI 's CEO expects an automation rich future where people and technology work together to create a smart world.

However, scientists and companies can test their experiments in an unlimited laboratory. This has been all thanks to the human presence of almost twenty years in the International Space Station.

Five major members are sharing the ISS: the United States, Canada, Europe , Japan and Russia. Each partner promotes participation by its own scientists and the public on behalf of its respective countries in scientific research.

Before we take examples of various scientific experiments on board the ISS, we should ask the question: Why should you like to ship your experiment room, as scientist, as a member of the public, or as a STEM-based start-up?

However we need to understand how our world interacts there if we are to explore space. Some tests can not be done on earth. There are experiments. The atmosphere of the earth simply does not require such conditions such as microgravity that space provides.

What kind of experiments are carried out in space with micro gravity? One possibility might be to experiment with microgravity muscle atrophy to support long-term astronauts. Another example may be to understand how microgravity mixes fluids, so that we can build better cooling systems or even track how a spider moves and weaves its webs microgravitably. All of this should be achieved in vacuum.

The marketing of space under the leadership of Elon Musk's SpaceX aims to provide private companies conducting experiments into the space environment with more opportunities in the future.

So, what kind of work is being done on the ISS? They were divided into six key areas by NASA. In this experiment scientists are studying the effect of micro gravity on plants, roots and cells, and in the field of biotechnology and biotechnology, for example, they are performing a "APEX-03-1" experiment, short for the "Advanced Plant Experiments."