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Free training for La Liga clubs from Monday

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Full training sessions for clubs in the top two soccer divisions of Spain can start for the first time on Monday, after the pandemic coronavirus stopped in March, organizers from the league said.

Full training courses can be held from Monday for the first time by the clubs in the Top Two Football Divisions in Spain after the action stops in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, said organizers La Liga.

On 1 June, the League declared in a statement on Saturday, that "clubs will begin collective training after the government's latest health-relief order."

Teams returned to individual training in early May, and followed training two weeks later in groups of 10 players and 14 players from last Monday.

The top flight will start again on 11 June without any fans, with Seville taking part in Real Betis and matches which may be played on a week-end basis until the season is over on 19 July.

All organized Spanish football was suspended temporarily on 12 March as the virus devastated Spain, but the infection rate has slowed considerably. The health ministry said on Friday that 39 people had been killed in the last week in comparison to a daily death rate in the centuries of a month.

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