Former top official Kattner banned by FIFA for 10 years

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FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, has banned Markus Kattner, a former senior official in the Zurich organization, for 10 years and fined him one million Swiss francs ($1.06 million) after a bonus payment probe.

"The independent Ethics Committee's adjudicatory chamber found Markus Kattner, former FIFA Deputy Secretary-General and Acting Secretary-General, guilty of conflicts of interest and abused his position in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics," FIFA said Tuesday in a statement.

"The investigation into Mr Kattner covered various charges relating to bonus payments in respect of FIFA competitions paid to top FIFA managers (including Mr Kattner), various amendments to and extensions of employment contracts, the reimbursement of private legal costs and Mr Kattner 's duties as an official."

In June 2016, FIFA said that an internal investigation revealed that Kattner, former Secretary-General of FIFA Jerome Valcke and former President Sepp Blatter of the organization had received 79 million Swiss francs (81 million dollars) in compensation over five years, calling them "huge payouts."

In February 2016, Blatter, who headed FIFA from 1998 to 2015, was banned from football for six years, while Valcke is banned until 2028.

The 45-year-old Kattner, who holds German and Swiss citizenship, joined FIFA as Director of Finance in 2003, and became Deputy Secretary General four years later.

After Valcke 's departure he became Acting Secretary General in September 2015, but was then fired in May 2016.

According to the final judgment of the Ethics Committee, Kattner argued that the ethics process against him was not fair, and that he did not grant any bonus payments to himself or anyone else in the top management.

The official may bring an appeal against the FIFA ban before the Sport Arbitration Court in Lausanne , Switzerland.