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Ford Mustang will soon provide hands-free driving technology


Electric SUVs from Ford's Mustang Mach-E will be capable of adding hands-free motorway technology to their cars late next year.

Drivers will be able to pull their hands from the steering wheel in SUVs using this technology, and remove their feet from the brake and gas pedal, while the vehicle essentially drives on certain major highways.

The Mach-E will be available later this year, and hand-free driving hardware is available as an option. By the autumn of 2021, Ford said, the software to enable the Active Drive Assist functionality is sold separately. Drivers can either install it at home via a download or via a Ford dealer.

When the SUV was first unveiled last November, Ford announced that the SUV would eventually have this capability, but more information on the feature was released on Thursday.

The hand-free driving functionalities will be similar to the Super Cruise system of General Motors. A small infrared camera inside the car ensures that the driver always watches the road ahead, in addition to cameras and sensors on the outside of the vehicle to monitor road and other vehicles. The system will not work when the driver looks away for too long.

No driver monitoring camera data will be stored, he said. It is only used to monitor the direction of the driver's gaze moment by moment.

When the driver enters a road that the system can operate, he or she is warned. In the narrow computer screen, in front of the driver that serves as the cluster, is shown the status of the various driver assistance systems, including Active Driver Assists. Ford managers have studied carefully how drivers can be clear about the status of systems.

Once the system is operated, the drivers will immediately return to control by using the steering wheel, says Ford's Customer Experience Director Chris Billman.

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