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Following Trump's threats to shut down twitter, Twitter will relocate to Europe


When U.S. President Donald Trump pursues his threats to close Twitter, it is possible to move the micro blogging website to Germany.

After Trump threatened to shut Twitter down to tell its users to check their tweets, in a lighthearted tweet a senior German officer suggested that California 's company in Europe would be better off.

The president, who makes unsubstantiated claims concerning fraud in the mail-in vote, should order a legal review of Trump after objection to Twitter's treatment of tweets. In a first place, on Wednesday, the company issued an advisory to check the trump facts.

The Jarzombek offers contrasts with the often-tried relationship between Germany and US social media giants that are fined up to 50 million euro ($55 million) if hateful content is not removed from their sites quickly.

But the biggest economy in Europe is also keen to build itself as an enterprising hub for technology and Twitter Inc would be the ultimate catch.

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