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Fitbit promises low-cost, COVID-19 emergency ventilators


Wearables company Fitbit has announced its intentions to produce emergency ventilators designed for use with patients with COVID-19. According to the company, that will make its ventilators available in the US and other countries, the ventilators will be made to meet demand. Fitbit plans to submit an application with the FDA for an Emergency Use Authorization to get its ventilators on the market during the pandemic.

Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, a small percentage of patients require a ventilator to be used which helps the patient breathe. With severe cases of COVID-19, the use of these ventilators has, tragically, proven less than effective, but they have saved lives and since March demand has increased drastically.

Fitbit plans to offer ventilators to facilities at a low cost, according to CNBC, although it is unclear at what price point they are going to be sold at. Company CEO James Park told the publication that Fitbit plans to be the most advanced of its kind offered at the low cost for these emergency ventilators.

Multiple experts have contributed feedback on what 'core components' the emergency ventilators would need to serve their purpose; the company plans to make their ventilators more sophisticated than the barebones design typically found on emergency ventilators. In the end, the ventilator may be somewhere in the middle between what is considered a premium ventilator and ventilators for emergency use.

However, Fitbit does not plan to become a company for medical devices - this ventilator plan is temporary and intended to meet the needs of medical facilities where there is a shortage and in anticipation of a potential second wave of the virus, which may cause a spike in demand for ventilators. Fitbit is best known for their wearables to track fitness.

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