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first UAE's space mission to Mars, armed with Deep study on atmosphere of Red Planet

Image:-UAE Mars Mission

On Tuesday, officials stated that their first Arab space mission to Mars, armed with sondes to study the atmosphere of the Red Planet, is designed to inspire young people and pave the way for scientific breakthroughs.

On July 15, the preparations will be aimed to launched from a Japanese Space Centre.

The project is the next giant step for the United Arab Emirates, which has been put in the world by colossal skyscrapers and big projects.

last year the UAE has sent 1st astronaut to orbit and plans to build a 'Science City' .where it hopes to build a human settlement by the year 2117.

Omran Sharaf, project manager for the mission said that the mission aims to retrace the golden age of cultural and scientific accomplishments of the region, apart from ambitious scientific goals.

"The UAE wish to send the Arab youngsters a powerful message to remind them of our past as knowledge generators," the AFP said.

UAE Mars mission

The United Arab State Minister of Advanced Sciences and Deputy Project Manager of the Mission Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri stated that it was imperative that the project had a long-term scientific impact.

"It is not a short-lived mission, but rather one that continues throughout the years and produces valuable scientific findings -- be it by researchers in the UAE or globally," she told AFP.

Plan on Mars mission

She said the instrument would provide a full view of Mars' atmosphere's climate dynamics using three scientific tools.

1.first tool is Infrared Spectrophotometer for the lower atmosphere of the planet and for observing the hermal structure.

2. Second tool is an high dynamic range photographer that gives data on the ozone

3.third is ultraviolets tool for the measurement, from a length of approximately to 43,000 kilometers, of the oxygen and hydrogen levels.

The three tools allow scientists to measure the Red Planet "at any point of the day and watch all of Mars at that time," said Al Amiri.

It is scheduled to be launched from the Tanegashima Spa Center in Japan on July 15th and to return to earth in February 2021, depending on a number of weather variables.

"If we miss the launch opportunity, which is between mid-July and early August, then we'd have to wait for two years for another window," he said.

But there is a strong hopes that the mission will happen as planned and that the coronavirus pandemic will not derail, as the team has taken a precautionary step in Japan to quarantine.

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