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First impression Playstation 5 on next gen console


Even in the midst of a pandemic, a new console launch are always excite.Sony says "PS5: The Future of Gaming Show" with its big PS5 unveiling. It teased you more than you were satisfied but offered us a good chance to see how next-generation games will look like.

Sony used the event mainly as an extended sizzle reel for the eclectic collection of exclusive items that came to the console.

How much for PS5 console?

We anticipate the latest mode price around $449 whereas the top-end edition will price close to $600

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a continuation of the extremely popular match last year featured the lead from Spider-Man: the Spider verse, and Horizon: The Forbidden Western, an equally popular sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, an animated film. The latter looked especially impressive.

Sony also revealed the console and several peripherals, but refused to say how costly the PS5 would be when it was launched. Nor have many of our burning questions, such as the exact backward compatibility of the system with previous consoles, been resolved.

Sony did not release the sizes, but you can use the disk drive size as a guide. In so doing, the PS4 Pro console is probably much larger than the popular original Xbox One and much larger. However, that is a very rough estimate and should be treated as such, but we are concerned about it already in our home entertainment rack.

Yes, it's going to lie flat to your other question. In a horizontal position with Sony sat on a kind of stand, images of the console were released. This isn't the flattering angle of the console, we quickly added. The PS5 is clearly designed to be high like the chunky Xbox Series X.

Two versions of the console are also worth noting.One is a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition with a 4 K Blu-ray drive and has no optical drive – the ideal way for people to pay for their games.

Sony calls about new controller "Adaptive triggers." For example, to shoot an arrow and to push the trigger to draw an arrow back has a different feel to firing a shopkeeper or driving an offroad vehicle on rocky terrain. A lot of game players are shooting a shotgun.

The other important feature is the "haptic feedback" of the controller to replace the standard roar. Sony says the difference is night and day between this ancient rumble. For example, crashing into a wall with a car will feel very different from, for instance , making an attack in a future Madden version. You should also know whether your controller feedback only helps you through long grass or mud.

The controller using USB Type C to load appears to be weigh more than the current Xbox controller and heavier than DualShock 4.

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