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First impression of 5G laptop with Extra broadband network - now available on stores

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With a partnership between Verizon and Lenovo, the world's first 5 G laptop will be launched this week in the US. The ultra-thin, $1,399.99, ultimate battery life and multi gigabit connectivity speeds.

The wireless communication standard of the next generation should bring unbelievable data transfer speeds and open new technology doors. Unfortunately, 5G is more renowned for conspiracy than its advantages. The latest 5G absurdity adds the novel coronavirus to the mix and some actually believe that COVID-19 is spread by the new standard. This is neither the case nor 5G is in anyway harmful.

People who are excited about 5G coming to their markets probably want more products to take advantage of faster internet speeds. All Android flagships launched with 5G modems and antennas this year will also support the iPhone 12 Series, wherever 5G connectivity is available. PC suppliers developed separately laptops which are always ready to offer 5G connectivity, which demoted such devices at CES2020 earlier this year. Lenovo is now ready to sell its first 5G-based notebook, the Flex 5G PC, to Verizon stores this week.

According to Verizon, the Flex 5G is the world's first 5G Ultra Wideband PC. The device is $1,399.99 when launching Verizon's Device Payment Program on Thursday or $58.33 monthly for 24 months. Each Flex 5G purchase includes one year of Microsoft 365 Personal.

A new 5G Unrestricted Consumer Plan, with limitless 5G Ultra Wideband, unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband Hotspot and unlimited 4K streaming was also announced by the company. However, 5G connectivity is scarce, so when you fall out of 5G coverage, you will fall back to 4G. The plan comprises unlimited 4G LTE (15 GB premium) information, unlimited Hotspot (15 GB at 4G LTE) and HD streaming. All this costs $30 a month on the existing line or $90 a month on the existing line.

The laptop is the first 5G laptop in the world since June 2020, Lenovo says. The device will start in other markets, including Switzerland and the UK later this year.

The Flex 5G is based on the Qualcomm 8cx 5G computer platforms of Qualcomm, which other suppliers use for ultra-smart, fast Windows-on-ARM laptops. The device has the smallest 5G module in the industry and supports mmWave connection and 5G Sub-6 GHz.

In battery life Verizon says that when running offline videos on a loop the Flex 5G can last for more than 24 hours. Current performance will vary, although energy efficiency is expected to be good from ARM laptops.

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