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Finally Steam, more EA Games released on the store will support EA Access


Steam will provide the EA subscription service offering gratuitous games, trials and discounts.

EA Access is formally making its way to Steam through the EA Subscription Service. The news coincided with the release of some of the most heavy hitters of the newsletter, including Apex Legends, FIFA 20, Battlefield V and so on-origin on a computer. The latest news is now available.

Notably, the Steam service is named "EA Access" which imitates the Xbox One and PS4 naming convention. EA Access, dubbed Origin Access, operating from the EA-run Store is already available in PC.

Since its initial launch, Origin Access has been expanding into two versions: Basic and Premier. Basic functions similar to EA console access, which offers 10-hour games trials, unlimited access to a selection of games in the Vault range and discounts on original shopping. In the meantime, Premier adds brand new games to full access.

Initially, a picture from the newly launched EA games in the store used Word of EA Access to launch on Steam. As you can see below, EA Access on Steam is going to work as Origin Access Basic. It would probably require all EA games to start on Steam immediately. With many releases since the beginning of Origin, the publisher has avoided that, although there were exceptions, the Star Wars Jedi last year: Fallen Order landed on Steam.

In the forthcoming EA Play Showcase, currently scheduled for 11 June, EA can plan for further shares.

A precise release date was not announced for EA Access on Steam, but the company said that it is scheduled for this summer. The new games were also the first of the more 25 games to be played, with the help of the Steam Workshop, also from the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

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