Facebook will display a warning before sharing COVID-19 articles.

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


A new notification screen is used to help Facebook combat the propagation of potentially harmful COVID-19 malinformation, "this will help people understand the content and source of its information before sharing it."

A new notification screen that provides more context for an article or other link is Facebook's recent attempt to combat the spread of positively harmful COVID-19 misinformation, as it was originally shared by and its source.

The goal, according to Facebook, is to "help people understand the news and content source before they share it" and to "make sure that the people have access to credible COVID-19 information from international health authorities."

It builds on the existing news releases launched by the platform in June to help to reduce the spread of older links that routinely reappear so that current events can be misrepresented.

Since March Facebook has been employed in this new notification screen to ensure that its platform does not become a pathway to dangerous corona virus-related conspiracy theories and other forms of misinformation.

At the outcome of the pandemic, the company began to place the information on the news feed on vetted corona virus from the trusted health and medical authorities and the COVID-19 information hub.

However, in the last months Facebook has had to take more active steps to counter the rapid spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories, including prohibiting anti-mask groups and placing counter-misinformation messages in users' news feeds that might have involved fake corona virus stories.

In May the "Pandemic" video became viral and caused Facebook moderation more headaches. Just last month, another video of Facebook's trusted Facebook-News-partner Breitbart News containing false corona virus information and action to fight its spread was viral again. Later on, Facebook said it'd research why the video stayed alive so long.

Facebook states that it will exempt certain information sources so that reliable, useful links can not be captured on the screen. This new notice is meant to help prevent the spread of old, out-of-date and purely false information.

"We want to ensure that the dissemination of information by credible health authorities isn't slowed down, and so the content posted by public health authorities and recognised world health organisations, such as the World Health Organisation, will not be notified," the company said.