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Facebook brings Avatars to the United States

Image:-Facebook brings Avatars to the United States

Last June, the social network started testing Avatars, for use in Facebook and news feed messages, and had also been extended to New Zealand before they were deployed in Europe last month.

Facebook described Avatars as digital persons, who allow people to engage with a wide range of emotions and expressions through sticks, messages and stories in a more individual and dynamic manner.

Avatars can also be used for Facebook gaming profiles and will soon be extended to background text posts.

Facebook has introduced new customizations, including new hairstyles and complexions, for Avatars Wednesday.

Avatars can be created by clicking on the Smiley face icon and selecting Make Your Avatar on Facebook and Messenger.

You can also start the process using a bookmark via the three horizontal lines at the bottom right of the display, click See More and select Avatars.

Current Avatars can be edited through profiles of users, a composer of comments, bookmarks or Avatar stickers.

Facebook app leader Fidji Simo said in a post, "These days so many of our interactions take place online, so you'd like to express yourself personally on Facebook more than ever before. Avatars allow you to share a range of emotions and expressions via a digital person who representatively represents you, so we look forward to bringing more people all over the world this new form of self-expression.

"There are so many ways that you can use your Avatar, including in commentary, stories, messengers – and, soon, text posts with backgrounds as well. With so many emotions and expressions, Avatars allow you to react and engage with friends and family throughout the app more authentically. It's important to us that you personalize your Avatar in order to be your unique and authentic selve. That's why we also add new styles, complexions and outfits in a new set of customizations.

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