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Extraction 2' officially now ,new script in Netflix work with Joe Russo


Joe Russo is set to pen his sequel, hot on the heels of Extraction becoming one of Netflix's most-watched films ever.

The director of Avengers - who also penned the first film - is said to be 'optimistic' that Chris Hemsworth will be back as mercenary Tyler Rake and that Sam Hargrave, Endgame and Captain America's stunt coordinator: Civil War, will be directing again.

"For me to write Extraction 2, the deal is closed, and we're in the formative stages of what the story can be," Russo told Deadline.

"We are not yet committed to whether that story is going forward, or backward in time. We left a large loose ending that leaves audience question marks.'

He went on: "There has always been a simple drive to the story, a ballet execution of action where you take on a damaged character who has made an egregious mistake in the past and has a fatal shot at redemption.

Over the weekend it emerged that the film has received a staggering amount of views on Netflix.

The streamer says it's been viewed in its first four weeks of release by 90 million households, meaning it's overtaken previous title holder Bird Box, the post-apocalyptic Sandra Bullock thriller that scored 80 million views last year.

Extraction follows the former Australian SAS operative turned mercenary Hemsworth, who is tasked with recovering the abducted son of a drug lord in Bangladesh.