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EXOPLANET which suddenly got vanished from the galaxy


Fomaulhaut b, the very first telescope exoplanet to be visualized directly, disappeared in 2014-but new research can eventually explain where it was going.

The planet was seen to orbit the Fomalhaut star (therefore the name Fomalhaut b). Fomalhaut B was the first to be seen in 2004, then in 2006, as just a move around its star although Fomalhaut b is thought to be as large as three Jupiters and far brighter than other exoplanets, which tends to be too small for us to see.

But a new analysis of Hubble 's remarks about Fomalhaut b indicates that a planet never existed first, which was something totally different for Hubble.

Perhaps in this scenario the object-asternators saw in 2004 and 2006, in fact, a colossal cloud of ice created as a result of a recent violent collision between two planetary fragmentation, disappeared before the Hubble 's eyes ..

It must have happened just before the Hubble first came to the attention of the alleged exoplanet when the expanding cloud of post-collision dust particles remained dense and visible, the researchers wrote. The proposed collision, which probably occurred in a honeycomb of debris similar to the Kuiper belt of our solar system, had been. By 2014, this cloud had already become large sufficiently widespread to disappear, the idea goes.

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