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Exchange your location on google map easily without any address

Image:-Google Maps Makes It Easier to Access, Share Location Plus Codes

Google Maps has a major update to quickly generate a single six-digit code based on your location. It is called a "plus code," which you can generate by tapping the blue circle icon which shows your location in the app.

Plus codes are designed for countries where the identification of addresses can be difficult because of lack of street names Google says that emergency services can cause issues if they respond to incidents and have repercussions on daily needs such as deliveries via postal services. According to the company, more than two billion people worldwide have either no address or an address not easily located.

Plus codes are in Google Maps for a while, but until now it was mainly a red pin that was dropped on the spot. The pin reveals Plus Code, longitude and road address (if applicable), for the location, as well as latitude.

More codes usually come with the name of the town or town where they are locating as a series of digits separated by a plus symbol. For example, "HR8P+84 London" is the Plus Code for a place in the middle of Hampstead Heath in northern London. If no neighbouring town exists, a four-digit regional code can replace the town's name and add an additional character to narrow it down.

By entering the code in the Google Maps search box, you can convert a code to a location. It works offline, and the Apache 2.0 licence is open source technology, as stated in the Plus Codes website, so that the technology can also be incorporated in other developers in their applications.

An example of a Plus Code is found in the BBC article in the last year, where a journalist describes how to set up a bank account in the Gambia. Instead of writing an adress, they were told to draw their home "in connexion with the nearest landmarks," and Google and the address of the Unaddressed NGO demonstrated how Plus Codes were employed to provide addresses to the community of Kolkata in India in 2018. They were living in unnumbered homes on an unnamed street.

Plus codes are not the only technology to solve the problem. What3Words follows a similar approach but its digital adresses are shown in three words divided by periods. While What3Words is supported by a number of mapping services, Google Maps can not enter its digital addresses straight away.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai back in February described Plus Codes as an important part of making Google Maps work for more people around the world. "More people will be able to access such things as banking and emergency services with a digital address, receive personal mail and deliveries, and help people find and patronize their businesses," the CEO wrote. "It's still early in the morning but we're excited about the potential."

In February Google CEO Sundar Pichai described Plus Codes as an important element in helping more people in Google Maps across the globe. 'More people will be able to reach digitally, receive personal mail and deliveries and help people to find their businesses and patronise them,' said the CEO. "We are still excited about potential early in the morning," he says.

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