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Elon Musk offer exclusive preview of Cybertruck to Jay Leno

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Tesla has a few intriguing vehicles in the pipeline but no vehicle has provoked more hype and intrigue than the Cybertruck, the company's first foray into the pickup truck world. Tesla's Cybertruck, originally unveiled this past November, really looks like nothing we've ever seen before. The truck would boast a "futuristic cyberpunk" and Blade Runner-esque design, Elon Musk certainly didn't kidd when he said.

The release date for Cybertruck remains a bit up in the air at this point, given that the cheapest Cybertruck model has already been pushed back to 2023. And, given Tesla 's history with product delays, it remains to be seen whether the pricier models will become available as originally planned sometime in 2022. In the interim, as Tesla continues to test prototypes, public Cybertruck sightings have become a bit more frequent over the last few months.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Jay Leno, for example, were seen driving a Cybertruck in downtown Los Angeles a few months ago. The pair recorded, as you may have guessed, a segment for an episode of Jay Leno 's Garage. The episode in question is set to air this Wednesday and CNBC posted an interesting 47-second preview of the episode earlier today.

The snippet starts with Leno asking how the final production car could be different from the prototype they drive in. Musk bluntly said that the current prototype is 5 percent too big to shy away from disclosing information.

"It must fit in a normal garage," said Musk, as Leno and his famous chin nodded along.

When Leno asked about the windshield 's makeup, Musk said Tesla would use some kind of armored glass. And as Musk has a flair for the dramatic, he said the door handles of the Cybertruck are made of stainless steel so strong that they are effectively bulletproof to a handgun.

And this close-up shot taken earlier this year in California shows a Tesla Cybertruck from behind for good measure. The photo here really illustrates how ghostly a Cybertruck vehicle really is.

Although how well the Cybertruck sells once it finally arrives remains to be seen, early interest in the pickup truck has been remarkably strong. Tesla hasn't provided us with updated figures in a while, but there's been speculation that the 500,000 mark could already have been eclipsed by Cybertruck pre-orders - which require a $100 deposit.

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