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Electric truck bookings for Nikola Badger open this month

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This past March, Nikola Badger jumped into the world with a coincidence. Tesla took the internet by storm with their cyber truck month before and a few months before Nikola 's announcement, GMC teased their Hummer EV pickup during the Super Bowl.

The Badger promises that the deal is mainly focused on fuel cell technology. So true that this month it is ready to open truck reservations. The company is scheduled to open books of reservations on 29 June on Monday, Nikola Founder Trevor Milton. Not only do people receive their Badger pickups first, but they also receive their hands before others on Nikola World 2020 tickets. Later this year, the event will present the electric truck.

The amount that buyers will have to drop in order to fit into one of Nikola's pickups is not clear, nor do we know what the rig actually costs. But the truck that we see this year will be true and completely working, Milton added in his tweet. The Badger is supposed to take 600 miles, not just a 'fake show truck' that seems like a jab on the Cybertruck.

The basic requirement for Badger is either a pure electric drive or an electric propulsion combination with a hydrogen fuel cell system. The latter should cover 600 miles, but the infrastructure that fuel hydrogen remains an extremely difficult issue. Nikola stated that the truck would contain 906 horsepower and 980 pound-feet of torque if the specifics were to remain the same for the production pickup. A 2.9 seconds sprint of between 0 and 60 mph and 8,000 livres should be torn.

Has a shot been Nikola? I would say as much as any other auto manufacturer that is prepared to market electric trucks. Globally, EV demand continues to be very low, and in the US even lower. Perhaps zero emission catches are the requirements of the world, but we're not sure until models such as the Badger are a reality.

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