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Echo Arena beta open launches on Oculus Quest on 5 May

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Ready At Dawn has announced that Echo Arena will be available on Oculus Quest in open beta starting May 5.

The reveal came in a developer update to the Oculus blog due to the COVID-19 pandemic related to work-from-home changes. Development on Lone Echo II "was greatly impacted," according to Ready At Dawn, but they still plan to launch the game by 2020 with more updates coming soon.

As far as their zero-g sport version of Oculus Quest Echo Arena is concerned: "VR has enabled us to reconnect in a new way, not only with our teammates but also with the community at large," the blog states.

"This is why we are making our upcoming Open Beta for Echo VR available to everyone on Oculus Quest until the official launch later this year." Recently we got into the closed beta for the game and captured video play through a full match. Check it out below.

On Oculus Quest the game seems to shape incredibly well. Wireless freedom is eye-opening, and appears to be running solidly on the standalone headset of Facebook.

We are looking forward to playing more with more people in the coming weeks now that it is going to be more accessible to all Quest owners. The game could end up being one of Oculus Quest's big competitive headsets draws as the year progresses.

When it is completed for Quest as well, Echo Arena will be free-to-play, and will feature cross-play with Rift players.