Dwayne Johnson is on top of the rich list of Instagram

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Image:-Dwayne Johnson - The Rock

As per the Hopper HQ social media marketing company, the Wrestler-turned-actor could charge advertisers over $1 million (£790,000) per post last year.

The UK company, Hopper HQ, has published its first rich Instagram list in 2017, which operates social media reports on behalf of companies and individuals.

After speaking to social media influencers themselves, brands and marketing companies, and using the information on the prices publicly available to estimate how much each account could be charged were the ratings and cost per post achieved.

Nevertheless, marketers tend to keep the amount that they pay secret or the posts can be included in a larger deal – as is usually the case of A-lists or sports stars – so the exact amounts are not known.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, valued $889,000 per post, and socialite Kim Kardashan West, who could pay $858,000 for his list for 2019 were other high-value personalities.

Dwayne "The Rock," Johnson, earlier this year, was awarded by Forbes as the world's most paying actor who earned almost $90 m before tax last year.

The action star has a major commercial partner with the American sports brand Under Armour, with whom it signed in 2016, as well as his film work.

It was also sponsored by the technology giant Apple and the bottled water brand Voss of Norway with a stake in it.

Mike Bandar, Cofounder of Hopper HQ said, "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has had an unbelievable year in which it continues to dominate Hollywood with blockbuster hits, including Fast & Furious and the second Jumanji film.

"This year it has been particularly interesting to see Instagram's star rise as he took six places on the list and overtook the ruling champion, Kylie Jenner."