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Does Ultraviolet light kill covid-19 virus or bacteria from body ?

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Use of ultraviolet light has been around for years to "treat" blood as a cure for various ailments. Known as ultraviolet irradiation of the blood, or "BioPhonic Therapy," it has not gained broad acceptance.

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In general, the process involves removing a measure of blood and running it through a machine that exposes it to ultraviolet radiation. The blood is then re-inserted into the body of the person. One website that advocates for UBI says that the process creates an immune response called a "autogenous vaccine," which "stimulates the immune system to destroy any and all pathogens."

The website contains a long list of treatment-aided diseases, including lymphoma, various viral infections, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, conditions of circulation and inflammatory conditions.

In 2015, a company called UVLrx Therapautics began marketing a machine in the European Union called the UVLrx 1500, claiming that it eliminated the need for the body to withdraw blood to perform UBI for the first time.

The system used an IV catheter to administer a 60-minute treatment into the bloodstream. According to a news release, the treatment included half an hour of red light and UV-A wavelengths, followed by half an hour of red and green light waves.

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