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Digital tracking employers during COVID-19 on work from home

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As the coronavirus forces people to work at home, companies are more and more looking to track their employees for computer software, experts say.

Technology companies are seeing a rise in the demand for digital employees monitoring programs, NPR and Recode reporters said.

"Are they generally active on programs and websites that I would think are more productive than YouTube and Facebook like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, e-mail? "Awareness Technologies Brad Miller told NPR. "That's mainly what our customers want to know about."

Employers request the software when some of them have revised homework policies to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. With employees out of sight, it could make tracking productivity harder for managers, experts told several news agencies.

"Since the coronavirus pandemic began, 16 percent of companies have ordered software of this type since they want to monitor the workforce," said Ahmed Banafa, San Jose State University professor, to KGO. "On the other hand, companies providing such services have seen (a) 40 percent more of their current customers requesting more licenses."

Not everyone has the possibility of supervision on the job.

According to a news release, Jim Guilkey calls these potential measures a "Big Brother' approach."

"It's very motivating for employees," said Guilkey, President S4 NetQuest at the release on Wednesday. "There are a number of ways in which productivity can be determined, but not like that."

The United States Civil Liberties Union, which has been working for a long time on privacy cases, said technology could help to stop COVID-19 spreading. However, the organization warned that people should not be exposed to "commercial data collection."

"As we quickly move to online learning and work, we demand strict privacy safeguards to protect our nation's children, teachers and workers from invasive data collection," ACLU said on its website.

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