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Did you know how DNA works in our bodies ?


DNA is your biological command that says where every other thumb is to be placed and how the brain is directed but how does this structure in the neuronal world? watch this video below in which they have bring every process in this documentary and describes how you end up as you are.

Our organs consist of cell types, which are tissue sets. Our tissue organs are made of cells and cells are made of things like water, lipids and proteins which are not livelihoods. And each of our cells produces proteins that work in our bodies for different reasons.

The color of your eye pigment is a protein. Your hair is made of keratin. A protein. You also have to create proteins in order to achieve normal physiology so that you also have protein instructions for your genes, such as antibodies and enzymes.

And in our bodies we have about 25,000 genes. Every gene has a genetic guideline that tells a cell how a certain protein can be made for a certain purpose and we find out precisely how this process works in this human episode.

The species of humans share many similarities with many other organic materials and animals which might surprise you. You might have known people were like chimpanzees, but what about a chimp? Here are the most insane facts about DNA, from people with some of the rare genetic mutations to people with similar Banana genes

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