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Derrick Rose recounts a visit to the house of Michael Jordan as high school student

Image:-Derrick Rose (instagram)

Derrick Rose has a Michael Jordan memory to add with the early release of "The Last Dance" to the sea of anecdotes across the country and the world. But his is not a story about competition, gambling, or actually basketball at all. Rose, rarely one for unsolicited comments from the public, shared his Instagram story of getting him to visit Jordan's Highland Park residence when he was in high school.

It almost serves as a direct message to Jordan. A word of thanks:

Basketball's influence in Rose's retelling isn't completely lost.

"I hooped, so I could see both sides of Chicago," said Rose of his town upbringing. And of visiting Jordan: "Basketball is the culture in Chicago, so it holds weight. So I was invited to his (Jordan's) house when I was a sophomore by Jeffrey and Marcus (Jordan's sons)." Rose recalled being in awe of Jordan's property, calling it a "impeccable landscape"-from the 23rd at the gate, to a speed limit sign on the driveway, to the palatial nature of the actual house, to the sixth B at the gateway.

"Blew off me," he says in the video.

What more impacted him, however, was getting Jordan to observe closely during his visit, even though he wasn't able to interact very personally with him (Rose said he didn't expect it, but it happened to him hooping in his gym).

"I watched him (Jordan) every second this whole time while I was there," Rose said on the video. "Watched him all the time. Watched him be a dad, watched him take out garbage, things I never thought I could see, but I got that opportunity." That memory has stuck with him from that very night when he arrived home until 2020.

"I remember taking me home with them and I'm in my room and I got the TV off and I'm looking at the paint on my wall because a few months before that I was trying to paint my room with blue paint and the paint job was awful," Rose continued. "And I remember having that jinx feeling I had before I actually met Mike. When I was younger I always thought I was going to get jinxed because I was winning at life." After I met them, after I went to that kindergarten, it (the jinx feeling) was gone. f*** it. I'll get the lifestyle. My mother would live decently. Whatever I have to do I have to do it. That night I promised myself I would get on a mission. And seeing that, with MJ giving me that opportunity, it let me manifest my dreams from what I saw. "And, to conclude, thank you." So, I appreciate that, MJ, "Rose concluded.