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Deadpool 2- fined almost $300,000 for Stuntwoman's death

Image:-Deadpool 2- fined almost $300,000 for Stuntwoman's death

Deadline learned that Deadpool 2 producers were fined 289,562 dollars for security violations that contributed to Joi Harris' death.

Harris was killed while filming a motorcycle stunt in Vancouver in August 2017. Deadline was told by a production studio source that the sequence had been tested for two days before and ran "five-plus times before filming." An eyewitness claims that Harris crashed through a flat glass window in a nearby building on the last shot after losing control of the motorcycle.

Harris did not wear a helmet when the occurrence took place because Domino did not wear any protective equipment in the scene either because the character she portrayed.

WorkSafeBC, the Canadian equivalent of the American Occupational Safety and Health Administration, identified five Workers' Compensation Act violations and a production company production company's Occupational Health and Safety Regulation under the 2018 film.

• Non-security and safety of all workers by not identifying the hazards, evaluating and controlling the risks of work and by not adequately supervising them.

• failure to ensure that the stunt performer conforms to the Regulation by wearing the motorcycle safety headgear.

• failure to guarantee the health and safety of the stunt performer by not providing adequate supervision for the work.

• failure to give a new worker orientation to the stunt performer.

• Instruct the stunt operator not to wear safety headgear while the motorcycle is operating.

"The primary purpose of an administrative penalty is to motivate the employer receiving the penalty - and other employers - to comply with occupational health and safety requirements and to keep their workplaces safe," WorkSafeBC said.

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