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Danish League Association says Denmark's Superliga to resume on 28 May

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Denmark's top-flight Superliga will resume on May 28 following a gap of over two months due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the Danish League Association said Monday in a statement.

Denmark entered its second phase of reopening society after a two-month lockdown on Monday, allowing top football teams to resume playing.

The League Association said the season would restart in the stadiums without fans, expecting the campaign to end on July 29 with the Europa League playoff game.

The league will restart with the final match of the 21st round between third-placed AGF Aarhus and seventh-placed Randers. The season game was postponed earlier.

All other teams played 24 games each.

Some matches in the 25th round of fixtures will be played the first weekend after the restart, with most taking place on Monday , June 1, when the league was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FC Midtjylland was top of the table, 12 points clear of second-placed FC Copenhagen.

Some leagues will also resume elsewhere in Europe, with the German Bundesliga starting on May 16.

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