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china has rescheduled the launch of Beidou GPS Network's satellite

Image:-GPS Network's satellite

On Tuesday China postponed launch of its Beidou Navigation Network's satellite due to some technical rocket problems intended to launch it in orbit.

The Beidou Network official website said that problems were identified in the Long March-3B Booster pre-launch tests and that a later date for the launch would be determined. It did not provide details about the issues or the target date.

According to the recent report china has already launched more 54 Beidou satellites

With the estimated $10 billion in project being Beijing 's response to the gps system

When finished, China says that military communications will remain secure and arms targeting will enhance, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Beidou has important civil applications, too. As from 2019, Beidou-enabled accounted for over 70% of mobile telephones in China, state media, including models produced by Huawei[HWT.UL], Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Samsung. The Beidou signals are being used by millions of taxes, buses and trucks.

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