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Children are now spending almost as long watching TikTok as YouTube in America, Great Britain and Spain


A new study of children's app and habits indicates an important threat to the dominance of YouTube because children are now splitting their time between the Google online video platform and other applications, such as TikTok, Netflix and mobile games, such as Roblox. Children aged between four and fifteen now spend on YouTube videos an average of 85 minutes a day, compared to the 80 minutes spent on TikTok. The latter app also increased children's social app consumption by 100% in 2019 and by 200% in 2020, according to the report.

60,000 families with children aged four to 14 in the U.S., UK provided data in the annual report from the digital security application manufacturer Qustodio. Spain is not representing global trends, so its data is not representative. The research covers children's online practices, taking account of the crisis COVID-19 from February 2019 to April 2020 and focuses on four key categories: online video, social media, video games and education.

Not surprisingly, YouTube remains among the most used children's apps, according to the study.

Now, as they did only four years ago, children view videos twice a day. This is despite the fact that the firewall application of YouTube is for ages 13 and older - an age-gate that had never been really enforced, which in 2019 resulted in the FTC paying the $170 million for its online video platform in violation of the privacy laws of the U.S. children.

69% of US children, 74% of UK children, make use of the app today. And 88% of Spain 's children. In the meantime, its application for younger children, YouTube Kids is used only by 7% of U.S. kids, 10% in the United Kingdom. And even Spain wasn't on the radar.

Netflix, 33 per cent of US children, 29 per cent of UK's next-largest online video application. In Spain, children and 28% of children.

Children spent 86 minutes on YouTube every day at the beginning of 2020 compared to 88 minutes in 2019. Children in the United Kingdom watch 75 minutes a day, down from 77 in 2019. And in Spain children watch for 63 minutes a day, down in 2019 from 66.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, as you would imagine, the time spent increased a bit.

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