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CES 2021 has plans for event in Las Vegas & will be different this time.


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has planned to host a in-person event in Las Vegas.

address the coronavirus pandemic challenges. Although this year's event by event was canceled, CTA identified a few potential steps to ensure that the participants are as healthy as possible at the conference held in January each year.

These steps involve many more sanitary facilities during the show. The participants can also expect broader halls in the displays and a greater spacing of seats in conference programs, cashless shopping systems, thermal scans at the points of entry, and better on-site medical and medical services.

In addition, a wider range of live CES content, as well as other virtual and digital opportunities will be presented to exhibitors to present physically and digitally new products , technologies and ideas, said the CTA. It plans to 'strengthen technologies that help to solve some of the daily pandemic challenges.'

In May, IFA announced that it will be a physical event in Berlin this month, despite the outbreak of coronavirus, Europe's largest yearly electronic show. The event participants are limited to 5,000, with a maximum of 1,000 participants permitted per day in each section of the event. It is also unavailable and is shortened to only three days from a week-long conference.

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