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Elon Musk offer exclusive preview of Cybertruck to Jay Leno
Elon Musk and Jay Leno took a spin for a coming episode of Jay Leno 's Garage in Tesla 's new Cybertruck. The episode will air on Wednesday but earlier today a preview clip has surfaced online. The cheapest model of Tesla's Cybertruck is priced at $39.900.
Does Ultraviolet light kill covid-19 virus or bacteria from body
Use of ultraviolet light has been around for years to "treat" blood as a cure for various ailments. Known as ultraviolet irradiation of the blood, or "BioPhonic Therapy," it has not gained broad acceptance.
NASA's Artemis guidelines lay down certain rules for joint space travel
NASA knows that to establish human presence on the Moon, it will have to work with foreign space agencies and with private companies. That's why it has introduced a set of "Artemis Accords" guidelines
Researchers build the world's fastest Soft robot mimics cheetahs
Researchers build the world's fastest 'soft' robot, which can travel more than THREE TIMES faster than the previous record holder using movements that mimic a cheetah
Marvel Has a Way to Use Infinity Gauntlet-Without damaging Its host
While it seems impossible to avoid damage to Infinity Gauntlet dishes, the MCU may have a workaround for this heartbreaking issue.