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Top 5 space truths that are scary and interesting
Space, the ultimate boundary. We still understand very little about the vast universe in which we live. However, we know that space makes a very obvious attempt to destroy all of us. The universe is dangerous enough for bravest astronauts to even think twice before deciding to leave our nice, protectionist mood, from deadly radiation to explodeing super-stars. Nevertheless, the human species is evaluated to go forth to explore the cosmos and to make sure that we know precisely into the world we are attempting to enter.
Scientists found a live planet for the first time in history
Astronomers have looked into what seems to be a planetary maternity ward, observing a planet in the process of being born for the first time within a huge disk of dense gas and dust surrounding a newly formed star.
Autonomous drones, deliver medical supplies in few mins to remote hospitals.
Zipline engineers have designed a fleet of autonomous drones which deliver medical supplies in minutes to remote hospitals.
SpaceX Crew Dragon will be the most memorable launch of the year
SpaceX is about to launch its Crew Dragon by bringing back human spaceflight to U.S. soil, will make an history.
You may have your next job interview with an AI robot
The modern world is changing at a rapid pace, and as I wrote earlier, there are quite a few left ahead of the advent of AI-powered digital profiles, but large companies have already started to actively use artificial intelligence as a help.