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NASA has delayed its launch of Mars rover due to Contamination
For the most part, the Mars Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter tucked into their belly are ready to fly to Mars, but some technical issues mean they will have to wait a bit longer. The new NASA launch target date is 22 July.
Police in Scotland are dealing with 'targeted assault' in Glasgow, with no public threat
Scottish police cordoned off streets in Glasgow on Sunday after what they described as a targeted attack without giving details that was not linked to a Friday incident, police and local media said.
china has rescheduled the launch of Beidou GPS Network's satellite
On Tuesday China postponed launch of its Beidou Navigation Network's satellite due to some technical rocket problems intended to launch it in orbit.
According to a new study Atmosphere of mars might be breathable soon
Today, the red planet looks a little less red, but that may be helpful. ESA scientists working for the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) snap a picture of Mars in its upper atmosphere, with an eerie green glow. This impact, which is called night glow, is due to the interaction of oxygen atoms and solar radiation, which could enable us to understand some factors of physics on Mars.
Investigators reported 74 million year-old mammal fossils
The Chilean Antarctic Institute reported on Thursday that Chilean and Argentine scientists had recovered teeth in faraway Patagonia, part of a mammal 74 million years ago. The most ancient remains of this kind still found in the South American country.