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Cases of coronavirus in Russia have hit new high, Moscow warns of a clampdown
Russia reported 9,623 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, its highest daily increase since the outbreak of the pandemic, bringing the total to 124,054, mostly in the capital city of Moscow, where the mayor threatened to cut travel permits.
Afghanistan is likely to face 'health disaster' from coronavirus U.S. watchdog
Afghanistan, beset by poor health care, malnutrition, war and other vulnerabilities, is likely facing a coronavirus "health disaster" a watchdog report to the United States. Congress has warned.
France's Macron says May 11 won't indicate a return to normal life
President Emmanuel Macron warned on Friday that the end of the national lockdown on May 11 would only be a first step, as France is looking to emerge from the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
Britain's daily target for testing could have been met minister
Britain may have hit its daily target of performing 100,000 COVID-19 tests a day, or will come close, setting up a network to test, track and trace people through the pandemic, Housing Minister Robert Jenrick said Friday.
Greek workers defy the ban on Labor Day with plastic markers
Greek workers and students wearing masks and gloves lined up outside parliament to mark May day, challenging the government's ban on coronavirus movement